Is your website mobile friendly?

Starting April 21, 2015 Google will introduce a new algorithm that will effect your search engine rankings if your website is not mobile friendly.

Here is a quote from the Google Webmaster Blog:
“Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages […]

Quick Tips for Better Search Engine Optimization – Part 1

Today we are going to discuss a few tips to improve your search engine optimization efforts pulled directly from Google’s Official SEO Starter Guide
Page Titles & Descriptions
The website page title and description is very important for search engine optimization. They tell potential website visitors AND search engines what the main topic is for your […]

Time for a Quickie

If you had just 30 seconds to tell someone how great your company is or why they should use your service or buy your product, could you do it? I think this is referred to as “the elevator pitch” or something like that. Now imagine if you only had 10 SECONDS!

That’s about the amount of […]

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Client Testimonials, Ask for them

Do you have client testimonials on your website? If not, you should.
Why ask
For me one of the most important pages on a website that we build or one that I visit is the testimonial page. Testimonials help establish trust and they are persuasive. They validate you and your business from a third party and that […]

Don’t Click Here

Are you using the phrase “Click Here” on your website as a link?

I just did a Google search for the term “Click Here” and got 2,580,000,000 results. Two BILLION results! That’s a lot of clicking here going on.

How did it start?
The phrase “click here” was coined in the late 1990’s so website users would know […]

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