Quick Tips for Better Search Engine Optimization – Part 1

Today we are going to discuss a few tips to improve your search engine optimization efforts pulled directly from Google’s Official SEO Starter Guide
Page Titles & Descriptions
The website page title and description is very important for search engine optimization. They tell potential website visitors AND search engines what the main topic is for your […]

Time for a Quickie

If you had just 30 seconds to tell someone how great your company is or why they should use your service or buy your product, could you do it? I think this is referred to as “the elevator pitch” or something like that. Now imagine if you only had 10 SECONDS!

That’s about the amount of […]

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Client Testimonials, Ask for them

Do you have client testimonials on your website? If not, you should.
Why ask
For me one of the most important pages on a website that we build or one that I visit is the testimonial page. Testimonials help establish trust and they are persuasive. They validate you and your business from a third party and that […]

Don’t Click Here

Are you using the phrase “Click Here” on your website as a link?

I just did a Google search for the term “Click Here” and got 2,580,000,000 results. Two BILLION results! That’s a lot of clicking here going on.

How did it start?
The phrase “click here” was coined in the late 1990’s so website users would know […]

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Is your contact information in the right place?

You have spent a lot of time and money building your website and promoting it until the wee hours of the night. You finally get some traffic to your site and they want to contact you about your products or service but they can’t find your contact information…..B.A.D!

Does your website have an easy way for […]

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