Do you have client testimonials on your website? If not, you should.

Why ask
For me one of the most important pages on a website that we build or one that I visit is the testimonial page. Testimonials help establish trust and they are persuasive. They validate you and your business from a third party and that is powerful.

How to ask
When I request a testimonial from a client I say something like this:
“I would like to add your website to my portfolio. Would you mind writing a sentence or two testimonial to go along with your project information? I will also include a link back to your website as well.” That’s it. From this simple request about 75% of my clients will provide a testimonial, and most are glad to do it.

What to do with them

  • Make a new page called “Client Testimonials” and put a link in your main navigation to that page. Tactfully use one on your home page or another page where your call to action might benefit from a good testimonial.
  • If you have a portfolio page then put the client testimonial with the project details so your visitors can see (image of project) and then read (testimonial) what a great job you did, very powerful!
  • If you send out a newsletter you could include a testimonial in there as well.

What NOT to do with them

  • Don’t ever write fake testimonials. This is lame and your visitors will see right through it and leave your website quickly. If you don’t have any testimonials ask some past clients or just wait until you can get some legitimate ones.
  • Don’t pester your clients for them. If you ask and don’t hear back then the answer is probably “no”, move on.
  • Don’t change the words of the testimonial you receive unless the client gives you permission. The beauty of testimonials is that they are real words from real people…not manicured.

Testimonials are a very powerful tool in your belt to get new clients. And don’t forget to write testimonials for others when you can, if they do a good job for you.

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