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Website Page Loading Speed | What You Need to Know

If you met someone on the street and had 3 seconds to get their attention and keep it long enough to tell them about your business or website could you do it? Probably not, but that’s all the time you have online…3 SECONDS!

If your website does not load very fast and look good after loading then your visitor that you have worked so hard to get to your website is gone!

From Yoast:

Google’s latest research shows that the chance of a bounce (visitor leaves) increases 32% when the page load time goes from 1 second to 3 seconds. 1s to 5s increases the chance to 90% and if your site takes up to 10s to load, the chance of a bounce increases to 123%. That’s incredible. For search engines, better results and performance is a sign of a healthy site that pleases customers and therefore should be rewarded with a higher ranking.

Also, Google has recently gone on record saying that page speed will be a ranking factor in its upcoming mobile-first index.

So how can you check your page loading speed? Google has a free tool available here – Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool

Here’s a few things you can do if you page is loading slow:

  1. Optimize your images
  2.  If your website uses WordPress as the content management system make sure you are using php 7
  3.  Use caching plugins to speed up browser load times

Page load times will likely affect your search engine rankings. If you think there might be a problem with your website please contact us and we can take a look and create a plan to get your website as fast as possible.

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