If you had just 30 seconds to tell someone how great your company is or why they should use your service or buy your product, could you do it? I think this is referred to as “the elevator pitch” or something like that. Now imagine if you only had 8 SECONDS!

That’s about the amount of time a visitor takes to decide if they are going to stay on your website and have a look around or go somewhere else…8 SECONDS OR LESS!

Here are our top 3 items to check on your website:

1. Does your website load fast and look professional?

How are the colors? Calm and nice looking or do they hurt your eyes? Have you checked it on multiple browsers and platforms? How does it look on a smartphone or a tablet? Did you know that the average smartphone user will wait about 3 to 4 seconds for a website to load and then move on? Tic Tok…

2. Have Quality, Original Content.

When a visitor comes to your website they have a “goal” in mind. They are looking for a product, service, or something else. You need to answer the question “do they have this or do they do this” very quickly or they will leave and go somewhere else. You should have good content that is easy to ready for humans…not search engines. Have very clear call to actions on EVERY page of your website. Be the solution to their question or problem.

3. Do you have a clear and easy to understand navigation system?

It sounds simple enough, but imagine if your grand parents were looking for something on your website, could they find it in a timely manor? Organize your content and your navigation for a better user experience.

Thanks for reading!