4 Tips to increase your engagement on Facebook!

You spend a lot of time creating content and searching for images for that perfect Facebook post and what happens? You get 3 likes and 0 comments! What is happening?

1. What time did you post your update?

Timing your posts will positively impact your engagement. Every brand and every page will have a “best” time to post. Hootsuite’s marketing team suggests posting on Facebook between 12 pm and 3 pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Saturday and Sunday between 12 pm and 1 pm.

To determine the best time to post for your brand, you need to either:

  • Watch the time on older posts that have good engagement or
  • Use an automatic scheduling tool in whatever social media management platform you use or
  • Use Facebook insights to track engagement.

Find your best time for your brand and you can expect more likes, comments and click throughs to your website.

2. How long are your posts?

Did you write a novel using the 60,000 character limit for Facebook? Who really wants, (or for that matter, has time) to read a long post? My grandma, maybe! A study done by Express

Writers found:

  • That posts with only 40 characters do best
  • 80 or fewer characters were second best.

3. Do you post to Facebook groups?

Here is your audience! These people are in the same industry or have the same interests as you. Connect with people in these groups to drive engagement to your Facebook page.

4. Do your images spark interest?

Images and videos will make your Facebook news feed stand out! According to Hootsuite, by adding an image to your post you will receive twice as much engagement as a post without an image. That’s DOUBLE the engagement!!

By following these quick and easy tips you can expect your engagement to increase!

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