Keyword research is basically trying to determine the best single words and short phrases that someone might type into a search engine to find your website.

Let’s say that you have a small business and you are thinking about starting a website to promote your business and maybe get some sales from internet traffic. The first thing you want to do is take a look at the words (keywords) and phrases that people use when looking for your type of business online.

If someone in Sarasota, FL is looking for a new website for their business what would she type into a search engine to find website developers in Sarasota?

The list below shows the keywords or phrases and how many times it is searched for nationally per month:

professional website development – 40 times
website developer – 1,000 times
website development – 3,600 times
website developers – 720 times
website design and development – 170 times
website development company – 480 times
website development companies – 210 times

Do you see the difference? The search difference between website development company & website development companies is more that twice as much so you would want to keep that in mind when setting up the new website or if you wanted to do some pay-per-click marketing campaigns.

As you can now see keyword research is very important. If it is done correctly you will see a dramatic difference in your website traffic and sales.

Keyword research should be part of your website marketing plan & website development from the very beginning.