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Let us take care of the website management for your website including nightly backups of your website & database files, updates to themes and plugin files, website security to prevent malicious attacks and we also offer worst-case scenario protection, in that we will completely restore your website usually within a few hours if necessary.

Build a monthly plan that’s right for you. Pick and choose from the options below and pay only for what you need.

Should your needs change we can always make adjustments to your plan. No contracts or long commitments here!

Website Management Options Available:

Happyshack provides the friendly, caring one-on-one personalized attention you expect to receive from a small business, while maintaining the professionalism of a large corporation, we consistently turn to him for all website management needs!
~Judy Bracken Administrator, FATDEC

Whatever your Website Management requirements are We Can Help! Contact Us Today and Let’s Discuss your project.

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Christopher Smith

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